Piano Restorations

Restoration of acoustic pianos is a highly specialised area and should only be undertaken by highly competent technicians and restorers.

Prior to leaving school I had been directly involved in the practical repair and full restoration of pianos, then being formally trained by my father, a highly respected piano tuner technician.

Potential pianos required to be assessed very carefully for structural integrity, the potential for being a very competent and satisfying instrument to play.

Restoration relates to the total rebuilding of the working action parts, keyboard, piano strings and tuning pins.

Terms such as Restored, Reconditioned, Totally Repaired and re felted are often used by qualified technicians and novices alike, therefore it is essential that you have the upmost confidence in the person that you have placed in charge of your Restoration. When comparing quotes ensure that you are comparing work of a similar standing and the depth of work that shall be performed.

For many years I have been sought after and referred to by many musicians and piano tuners for my outstanding quality and attention to detail.

My quality approach to each instrument is the same, whether it is a generic German upright piano or a majestic semi concert or concert grand piano: That is to ensure that the highest quality materials are sourced and used and that the full potential of the instruments tone and performance is achieved.

A popular resource that I offer to my Restoration and Repair Clients is to offer a replacement upright piano in your home during the restoration period, ensuring that you are still able to play an instrument either socially, professionaly or for students continuing practice without interuption.

There is a very reasonable rental fee charged per week however there is no charge at all to transport the replacement piano into and from your home.

Generally a piano undergoing Restoration can be required in the workshop for a period of between six weeks to eight weeks or even longer on some instruments, therefore parents and music professionals in particular take up the rental option more and more frequently. As a general rule there is no charge for the Quotation for major repairs and restoration of your instrument, within the Melbourne suburbs.

I also receive a number of enquiries from Country Towns; owing to the distance involved a travelling charge is applied separate to the Quotation for Restoration.

Please feel free to browse through my gallery to view some of my work.